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There are many bridges between counseling psychology and the aims of my own work.  Specifically, I believe my professional activities overlap with the mission of SCP: “to connect, to collaborate, and to coordinate efforts toward creating a more just and equitable...

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New recommendations to screen all U.S. adults for anxiety aim to provide guidance to primary care providers, raise awareness about the need for mental health care, and reduce disparities in access to care, says task force member @DrLoriPbert.

Motivation ebbs and flows, making reliance on it alone rather problematic. But habits can, over time, create more consistent success in behavior change. #HabitStacking #persistenceandperseverance #habitsforsuccess #mentalhealthmatters #ncpsychological #NCPA #ncpf

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"A flourishing practice enriches our lives and those we serve."
New book comes out in a few days @APA_Books #TherapistTwitter #MentalHealth #HigherEd #Therapist #Counselor #TherapistsConnect #newmonth @NYChavez @melvasquez @KenSPope

"For some of these kids, [there is] a good bit of anxiety around getting back into the classroom on a regular basis…”

Mental health in the back-to-school season : NPR

Millions of Americans have a substance use disorder. Help is available, treatment works, and people recover every day. Learn about finding quality treatment, the different types of treatment, and what to expect when starting treatment.


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