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Division 20 – Adult Development and Aging

Question #1: Please describe any interests and/or any previous involvement in Division 20. Our members would be interested in knowing if you are a member or fellow of the division and if you have been active in any way in Division 20. Please describe any professional...

Division 22 – Division of Rehabilitation Psychology

How could you, as APA president, address the issue of including disability in the definition of diversity in the applied sense (e.g.; development of cultural competency in disability among psychologists)? APA has included disability in its definition of diversity.  It...

Division 28 – Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

Professionally, I am Board Certified in Clinical Health Psychology, and have worked in integrated care throughout my career in multiple contexts including a medical school, hospital, co-location in a physician’s office, and in my own independent practice (since...

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How do job demands affect employee well-being over the course of the work week? New research published in @APA_Journals' Journal of Occupational Health Psychology takes a look.

Join GPF on August 17 for a Mental Health Moment from Dr. Betsy Gard sharing the differences between criticism and constructive feedback and ways to provide constructive feedback. Listen to this and other episodes at!
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Do you ever feel like a phony at work or school despite your achievements? That's impostor phenomenon. On this encore episode of the pod, @drorbeaustin and @KevinCokley1 discuss where these feelings come from and how you can overcome them.


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