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Division 20 – Adult Development and Aging

Question #1: Please describe any interests and/or any previous involvement in Division 20. Our members would be interested in knowing if you are a member or fellow of the division and if you have been active in any way in Division 20. Please describe any professional...

Division 22 – Division of Rehabilitation Psychology

How could you, as APA president, address the issue of including disability in the definition of diversity in the applied sense (e.g.; development of cultural competency in disability among psychologists)? APA has included disability in its definition of diversity.  It...

Division 28 – Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse

Professionally, I am Board Certified in Clinical Health Psychology, and have worked in integrated care throughout my career in multiple contexts including a medical school, hospital, co-location in a physician’s office, and in my own independent practice (since...

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Climate anxiety is on the rise, as a younger generation confronts inheriting a much hotter world, says Dr. Kelsey Hudson.
“Many young people are experiencing grief and frustration and anxiety and elements of betrayal by adults and other generations.”

1 in 9 Cases of depression could potentially be prevented if all adults did just 150 minutes of physical activity per week! Check out this quick read #depression #healthpsych #mentalhealth

Over 75% of U.S. adults say the future of the country is a significant source of stress, according to our latest Stress in America survey. @drvailewright says taking breaks from the "information saturation" of social media and 24/7 push alerts can help.

"Limited light exposure during the day or being exposed to high levels of light at night may be linked with certain mental health conditions."

Native American Heritage Month is an opportunity to focus on a gap in mental health care.

@MentalHealthAm states that “native/indigenous people in America report experiencing serious psychological distress 2.5 times more than the general population...”


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