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Organizational Endorsements

Division 2: The Society for the Teaching of Psychology
Division 17: Society of Counseling Psychology
Division 19: Society for Military Psychology
Division 28: Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
Division 29: Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
Division 31: State, Provincial & Territorial Affairs
Division 38: Society for Health Psychology
Division 40: Society for Clinical Neuropsychology
Division 42: Psychologists in Independent Practice
Division 44: Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity
Division 45: The Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race
Division 51: Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities
Division 55: American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy
APA Public Interest Caucus
APA Women’s Caucus
Georgia Psychological Association
Massachusetts Psychological Association
Missouri Psychological Association

Individual Endorsements

Louis Anderson, PhD
Nancy Bliwise, PhD
Arletta Brinson, PhD
Anita Brown, PhD
William Buchanan, PhD
Michelle Casimir, PhD
Allen Carter, PhD
Laura Dilly, PhD
Adriana Flores, PhD
Susan Furman, PhD
Kamieka Gabriel, PhD
Betsy Gard, PhD
Frank Harben, PhD
Rodney Hammond, PhD
Michael Hendricks, PhD
Bob Kleemeier, PhD
Carol Kleemeier, PhD
Ren Massey, PhD
JoAnne Peeler, PhD
Steve Perlow, PhD
Michael Sessions, PhD
Dora Soubis, PhD
Can VanderPlate, PhD

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Advisory Council

Guillermo Bernal, PhD
President, Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations – CANPA
Editor, Puerto Rican Journal of Psychology
Professor of Psychology (Retired), University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Sharon Berry, Ph.D., ABPP
Director of Training and Associate Clinical Director
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Pat DeLeon, PhD
Former President
American Psychological Association

Kurt Geisinger, PhD
Director of Buros Center for Testing
W.C. Meierhenry Distinguished Professor

Rodney Hammond, PhD
Former Director of the Division of Violence Prevention
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Centers for Disease Control

Amber A. Hewitt, PhD
Manager of Policy and Advocacy
Nemours Children’s Health System

Lisa Kearney, Ph.D., ABPP
Acting Deputy Director – Suicide Prevention, VHA Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention
Association Director – Education, VA Center for Integrated Healthcare

Gwendolyn Keita, PhD
Former Executive Director
Public Interest Directorate
American Psychological Association

Katherine Nordal, PhD
Former Executive Director
Practice Directorate and Practice Organization
American Psychological Association

Gregory Pennington, PhD
Managing Partner
Pennpoint Consulting Group, LLC

Geoffrey M. Reed, PhD
Professor of Medical Psychology
Scientific Co-Director, Global Mental Health Program
Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MSD/MER)
World Health Organization
20, Avenue Appia
CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland
Department of Psychiatry
Columbia University

Michael C. Roberts, Ph.D., ABPP
Professor Emeritus
Clinical Child Psychology Program
University of Kansas

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