I am deeply honored to strongly support our colleague Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, ABPP for President of the American Psychological Association (APA). I first met Dr. Kelly at the National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA) conference where we connected and dialogued about the importance of advocacy in our field. Since then, we’ve built on our initial connection through my work on APA’s Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA). In all my interactions with Dr. Kelly, I have been moved and motivated by her contagious enthusiasm, her long and deep commitment to advocacy, and her unwavering belief that we can accomplish so much together when we welcome and honor diverse voices to address societal challenges. Her years of experiences in several positions both within and outside of our association is a testament to her sustained leadership that required creativity, initiative, originality, and perseverance during one of the most challenging periods in psychology and U.S. history. Dr. Kelly is simply stellar. She is a highly capable and motivated leader, scholar, and practitioner who clearly exemplifies a passion for mental health, psychology, equity, and advocacy. She has contributed so much and we’ll only learn more of her impact and leadership as President of APA!

Hector Adames, PsyD

Associate Professor, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

It is with great enthusiasm that I express my support for Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD, ABPP, Presidential candidacy for APA. I have had the great honor of knowing and witnessing Dr. Kelly’s commitment to the profession of psychology. Without a doubt, I believe she will be a strong, effective, and visionary leader. Dr. Kelly’s remarkable record of leadership and service to our field is impressive. She demonstrates the skills necessary to continue to advance our field forward. As an early career professional (ECP), I am impressed by Dr. Kelly’s thoughtful platform of inclusion, advocacy, leadership, and experience. I know she will advocate for all members of the profession including students, researchers, practitioners, educators, and professionals at every level, and she will fight to make sure that everyone who needs mental health services has access to them. Overall, I see Dr. Kelly as a resourceful and visionary leader who is hard-working, inclusive, and ready to represent psychology and all of us with poise, knowledge, and wisdom.

Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Dr. Jennifer F. Kelly would be an excellent President for the American Psychological Association. I strongly support and stand beside her because I have worked with her in APA Governance for over a decade and have seen her wisdom, patience, collaboration, consistency, and generosity of spirit in all that she does. She is a true and honest leader, someone who does not shrink from controversy, and is an excellent listener, always welcoming voices from all backgrounds, strengths, and generations. She embraces diversity, science, practice, education, and training, and is a team-maker and strong advocate for psychologists and psychology. She brings a wealth of experience to the role of APA President. I have no doubt that our Association would continue to strengthen and grow under her leadership. Join me in supporting and electing Dr. Jennifer F. Kelly for APA President-Elect in 2019!

Monica Kurylo, PhD, ABPP
Co-Chair, Campaign Committee to Elect Dr Jennifer Kelly for APA President-Elect
Professor and Director, Neurorehabilitation Psychology
Associate Director, Division of Psychology
Dept of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Kansas Health System

I am delighted to endorse Jennifer Kelly, Ph.D., ABPP for APA President-Elect in 2020. I have known her for almost a decade and have worked with her in a number of different roles in APA governance. She is an exemplary psychologist and advocate, and a stalwart leader within APA. I greatly admire her ability to listen, encourage collaboration, and move progress. Jennifer is closely attuned to the critical issues facing psychology, APA, and society – and I have the utmost faith in her ability to lead us in addressing them. I look forward to electing her APA President-Elect!!!

Mary Ann McCabe, Ph.D., ABPP
Affiliate Faculty in Psychology
George Mason University
Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics
George Washington University School of Medicine

I am pleased to endorse the candidacy of Jennifer F. Kelly, Ph.D. for President-elect of the American Psychological Association. I have interacted with Jennifer in multiple roles over many years, in many positions in APA governance, in our editorial team for the journal, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and in international activities. Jennifer is always a strong contributor to astute ideas with dedicated service and follow-through. She builds relationships to foster consensus-building. She brings an exceptional commitment to developing evidence-based knowledge into practice. I would be proud of psychology if she were elected President to represent and guide us.

Michael C. Roberts, Ph.D., ABPP

Professor Emeritus, Clinical Child Psychology Program - University of Kansas

What a pleasure and honor it is to know and work with Jennifer Kelly and to support her candidacy for President of APA. When I became active in the Georgia Psychological Association in 2001, Jennifer impressed me with her boundless energy, her knowledge of all things related to the profession of psychology, and her commitment to our profession. In her numerous leadership roles, she has been conscientious and highly productive. I have been especially impressed with Jennifer’s ability to see the “big picture” and to understand issues on many levels. I am confident Jennifer will apply her vast skills and productivity to the job of APA President – to the benefit of all psychologists.

V. Gayle Spears, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Executive Director, Georgia Psychological Association
Past President, Georgia Psychological Association and Kentucky Psychological Association

Having followed Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD closely through her work of advocacy for both the practitioners and the clients of the field of psychology,  I am a strong believer, that she is the lady most suitable for the position of APA presidency that stands for inclusion, advocacy and leadership with experience.

Thanks and God bless abundantly!

Kabooza Wilson

Psychologist, Uganda

I, Professor Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz, Professor of Psychology at the Universidad de la Habana, has had a long- standing relationship with Jennifer Kelly (since Dr. Kelly conducted a workshop on chronic pain at the university several years ago). I appreciate her long standing commitment to psychology and psychologists, both in the US and abroad. Further, having attended an APA conference, I am appreciative of her long standing service to the American Psychological Association. Therefore, I am providing my strongest possible support for Jennifer Kelly to become the next president of APA.

Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz, PhD
President, Sociedad Cubana de Psicologia
Professor of Psychology
Universidad de La Habana

I am delighted to endorse Jennifer F. Kelly for President of the American Psychological Association. I have known Jennifer for over 20 years and have worked with her in a range of activities in APA and have encouraged her to run for this office for several years. She has exercised her leadership skills in many ways in her service to the association over many years, and in many different capacities as well as her presidency of the Georgia Psychological Association and Division 31. She demonstrated her capacity to bring people together across differences to work as a team toward a common goal. She operates with purpose in ways that are well organized and leave everyone feeling that their contributions were valued. Outgoing, friendly and warm, Jennifer also possesses a generosity of spirit and intellect. Perhaps she is good at building bridges because she is so easy to work with and because she has a knack for being a calm and reasoned voice in the midst of conflict. She freely shares knowledge and is willing to be helpful to others as reflected in her role as secretary of the association for a number of years. She is well suited to serve as our president and proudly represent organized psychology on the world stage. I urge you to give her your #1 vote.

Beverly Greene, Ph.D., ABPP
Board Certified in Clinical Psychology
American Board of Professional Psychology
John’s University
Professor of Psychology
Jamaica, NY

I, Jury Ricardo Gomez Garcia, clinical health psychologist from Brasilia, am in complete support of Jennifer Kelly becoming the next president of the American Psychological Association, of which I am a member of.

Jury Rircardo Gomez Garcia
Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa em Saúde e Educação – IEPSE
Instituto de Medicina e Psicologia Integradas
Director Acadêmico Científico
Brasilia, Brazil

Dr. Jennifer Kelly is an outstanding model for who we want to lead APA, the professional organization for all of Psychology! I have known Dr. Kelly since our graduate school days together, and I have been inspired by all she has accomplished since then. She is an ideal candidate who has served so well this profession we both love, including provision of health services, achieving board certification, participation in state and national governance, and being the kind of person you never forget! I promise that she will listen to your concerns and care about what really matters. Please join me in supporting and electing Dr. Kelly for APA President!

Sharon Berry, PhD, ABPP

Director of Training and Associate Clinical Director, Children’s’ Minnesota

I am honored to support and endorse Jennifer Kelly, Ph.D., for President of the American Psychological Association. A champion in the areas of diversity and inclusion, Dr. Kelly has been paramount in developing the leadership of others in APA, including myself, a sign she understands that we are all important to the success and growth of our profession. She is an energetic, bold, kind, and resilient leader with exceptional strength. Passionate about issues of relevance to our practice, including that of diversity, Dr. Kelly has been a bridge necessary for success in this area. I look forward to her continued leadership.

Rehman Y. Abdulrehman, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Consulting and Clinical Psychologist
Assistant Professor
University of Manitoba

Jennifer Kelly leads an extraordinary life in which her purpose, values, and life mission are the betterment of others. Jennifer and I have worked together as friends and colleagues since we were both first involved in the Georgia Psychological Association. She followed me as President of GPA and then also as APA Council Representative from Georgia. I have had a front row view of Jennifer’s activities over these twenty years and will say that I have never known a more selfless, kind, and giving person. Through both her time and financial support, Jennifer is a sponsor and contributor to many causes that lift people up and give them a chance at life. We will never hear Jennifer talk about what she does for others, only about what more needs to be done.

Jennifer will approach the APA Presidency as she does everything else. That is, roll up her sleeves, assume no obstacle is too big, and no dream is beyond reach. She will make sure we all have fun on the way. Jennifer has energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and a commitment to give her all for the wellbeing of APA and its members.

Linda Campbell, PhD

Professor, The University of Georgia

Jennifer Kelly would make a great impact at home and abroad as APA President.
Her commitment to flying psychology’s flag high, her dedication to APA at the city, state, national and international arenas in various roles, her engaging manner and her willingness and ability to hear all sides before reaching decisions – that reflect members’ consensus – will advance APA to new heights, ensuring that psychology gets the respect and status it deserves.

Prof Saths Cooper, PhD
Past President International Union of Psychological Science IUPsyS
Board Member International Science Council ISC
President Pan-African Psychology Union PAPU
Extraordinary Prof Univ of Pretoria
Visiting Prof Univ of Johannesburg

I know four of the five candidates for APA President well this year and all of the candidates have strengths that make them legitimate and strong candidates. However, in spite of my respect for all the candidates, I have endorsed Dr. Jennifer F. Kelly happily and enthusiastically and certainly not because she asked me to do so. I worked with her both on the Council of Representatives and, more importantly, on the Board of Directors for a total of 8 years. I saw her time after time considering all sides of an issue, weighing alternatives, and always deciding to put APA and its membership first. She showed real leadership on many occasions, and she asked hard questions of the staff making proposals to the Board. She also represents exactly the kinds of scientifically-based clinical work that we need in psychology to move the profession forward. Moreover, she cares about the science of psychology. She also demonstrates the kind of professionalism that can move our profession forward and that is often the source of the failing of leaders. I ask all members to give her your fullest consideration; she has my #1 vote.

Kurt F. Geisinger, Ph.D.
W.C. Meierhenry Distinguished University Professor and Director,
Buros Center for Testing
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

I have known and worked with Jennifer Kelly in various APA governance roles for more than 25 years. Throughout that time, I have found her to be one of the best colleagues I have ever had. Jennifer has always been absolutely professional, hardworking, effective, and dedicated to APA, its mission, and to advancing our profession in every way possible. Jennifer is a highly empathic, caring, and compassionate individual who has dedicated herself to the service to others. She gives of her time, energy, and expertise generously and she is an outstanding mentor and friend to all with whom she interacts. She also is a great leader and teammate, leading by example and very effectively collaborating with colleagues with diverse viewpoints to achieve stated goals to move our association forward. Jennifer has a deep and sophisticated understanding of the issues confronting our profession, APA, and those we serve. She is a highly experienced member of APA governance and knows how to work with her colleagues in APA governance to get things done. Jennifer demonstrates that rare combination of seeing and understanding big picture issues while expertly attending to the small details necessary to get things done. I have found Jennifer so easy to work with; her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, making those around her want to work harder and accomplish more. I cannot think of anyone more well suited to lead our professional association as President. I offer my full, unqualified, and enthusiastic support of Jennifer Kelly’s candidacy for APA President!

Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, ABPP
Licensed Psychologist
Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and in
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Professor, Department of Psychology
Loyola University, Maryland

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Jennifer Kelly for APA President. During my years on APA Council of Representatives, I have observed Dr. Kelly to approach complexity and challenges within our profession with wisdom, intellect, clarity and skill. She has consistently demonstrated a thoughtful approach to leadership, taking the time to gather information and expertise from all sides of an issue, and is adept at building consensus and conveying respect throughout the process of governance. Dr. Kelly represents the very best of our profession, and I welcome her tenure as APA President.

Dr. Jeanne LeBlanc, R. Psych, ABPP
APA Council of Representatives, British Columbia, 2013-2018

It is an honor to endorse Dr. Jennifer Kelly for the position of President of APA. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Kelly for many years on shared common goals of improving the public image of professional psychology and interjurisdictional practice for licensed psychologists. She is truly a leader, visionary, and committed professional who has no difficulty confronting what doesn’t work and embracing necessary change when it benefits our profession and leads to more effective public protection. I look forward, as the Chair of the PSYPACT commission, working with Dr. Kelly after her election in advancing interjurisdictional practice for Psychologists.

Donald S. Meck, PhD, JD, ABPP
Board Certified in Forensic Psychology
Fellow, American Board of Forensic Psychology
Licensed Psychologist/Attorney
Moody Road Behavioral Health Center
Warner Robins, Georgia

I am delighted and honored to support Dr. Jennifer Kelly’s candidacy for APA President. I met Dr. Kelly when I attended the APA State Leadership Conference (Practice Leadership Conference) for the first time, 15 years ago. I remembered her then, as I know her now, with contagious enthusiasm, great sense of humor, an intense passion for psychology and unequivocal commitment to the people we serve. As a newcomer to APA, Dr. Kelly represented a great role model for me. I was strikingly impressed by her willingness to share her knowledge, and mentor new leaders at the state associations and APA levels. More specifically, aware of the need to increase diversity within state associations and APA, Dr. Kelly is a propeller who continues to walk the talk on her goal to increase diverse leaders at both levels. Dr. Kelly is the founder of the Diversity Leadership Development Workshop, held every two years. I as many others benefitted from this unique opportunity. As a result, I developed a sense of confidence I needed to delve into my state association and APA leadership and advocacy opportunities. Dr. Kelly is a great multi-tasker. I have seen her active involvement in multiple areas of governance in APA. I am confident that she will be a great president for APA. Her clinical and advocacy experience, ability to bring people together, passion and enthusiasm for APA and her vast experience working in governance make her a strong candidate for President-elect. I support her candidacy wholeheartedly!

Dinelia Rosa, PhD
Director, Dean Hope Center for Educational and Psychological
Teachers College, Columbia University, NY
Adjunct Full Professor, Clinical Psychology Program

A good leader has an eye toward vision and innovation. A good leader is strong in communicating to members; possesses good listening skills; has passion and commitment along with a positive attitude; knows how to collaborate; appreciates all sides of an issue and navigates them with diplomacy, empathy and compromise; and, a good leader tolerates change.

There is no one better to be our APA President than Jennifer F. Kelly!

Lisa Grossman, JD, PhD, ABPP

I am pleased to endorse Dr. Jennifer K. Kelly for APA president. I have watched her over a number of years while I was Executive Director of the Public Interest Directorate and have been impressed by her commitment to a strong APA built upon embracing all its parts. Although a private practitioner, she was a strong advocate for the Public Interest Directorate and the issues we addressed, as well as for Science and Education. She truly demonstrated her belief in “One APA”.

Dr. Kelly is an effective leader and advocate for psychology and our issues. She is a skilled negotiator and spokesperson and has the ability to bring together individuals with divergent perspectives, and to work with individuals across the different parts of psychology and other professions. She has a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Psychology will be in good hands with her as our president. I encourage you to vote for her.

Gwendolyn Keita, PhD
Former Executive Director

Public Interest Directorate

American Psychological Association

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